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Friction Collective

Friction Collective is a Bristol based media production house.

Video is now one of the most powerful and versatile promotional tools (see our Video Insights page) and if executed intelligently with a stylish, character driven and
compelling narrative, will powerfully individualise and strengthen your brand and deliver a substantial return on your investment.

That’s where Friction Collective comes in, they love stylishly and clearly crafting your message into every film they make and
every photograph they take. It’s at the heart of Frictions philosophy.

Through methodical research and process and by working as a collective, Friction use the strength of a multi skilled team to develop for you a personalised, meaningful
and captivating message, always aiming to create the next big idea to drive new audiences to your brand and story.

And with the Collective knowledge and understanding of the power in social media will support you with the promotion and analytics of your media
across multiple platforms, further helping you make the most of your campaign.

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Recent Projects

‘Dream Big’ Mel Nicholls World Record Challenge

‘Dream Big’ Mel Nicholls World Record Challenge

JARPY – My Home from Venezuela to Bristol

JARPY – My Home from Venezuela to Bristol

Exe Valley Glamping, Essence Film.

Exe Valley Glamping, Essence Film.


To us, its fundamental that all of our work is cutting edge and visually stunning.
We take care at every step of the way to ensure everything we produce is as incredible as it can possibly be.
We know a thing or two about keeping things consistent and staying true to who you are. Immersing ourselves in current culture 24/7 we will invent a whole new recipe but keep your distinct flavours at the forefront; combining this with our modern, stylish and energetic aesthetic and we're cookin’ with gas.


Whether it's a music video, a documentary, a commercial or a film, we are dedicated to creating moments of culture through innovative and creative storytelling. With storytelling now being a more powerful marketing tool than ever, we help you find your voice, discover what makes you unique and create digital media that inspires and together we will shout it from the rooftops (and on the interweb!).


We've got the skills to pay the bills and potentially yours too.
We have a wealth of industry experience between us and the kit to match.
Whether it's an intimate studio shoot or a multi camera location setting we love nothing more than being on set. Our collective comprising of directors, producers, photographers, sound designers, animators and editors will take your brief and elevate it to levels you didn't think possible.


We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and awesomely good value, so you know what costs what and why.
Our passion lies not in making lots of money but producing cost effective groundbreaking, memorable content.
Every project is different; we will work closely with you from consultation to completion making sure you're as happy as Larry every step of the way (and he’s very, very happy).


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Bespoke and unique 'Sound Design' and 'Tailor Made' music


The power of a story is unparalleled, read about
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