Jack Davies – Creative Director

email: jack@frictioncollective.com
mobile: 07876 544297

Jack is the creative drive behind the Collective.

It is incredibly important to stay on the cutting edge of popular culture and entertainment, social media and world affairs are his game. With an innate understanding of future events Jack has the ability to predict fashions and trends.

As well as being an experienced creative stills photographer and videographer/editor, he is trained in music technology, production and recording. He’s a damn fine percussive drummer and musician to boot. Jack is passionate about the outdoors, mountain biking, snowboarding and being a keen road cyclist help fulfill his passions.

Friction Collective basis itself on the ability to connect and communicate with a cultural, socially plugged-in community who innately understand when something is ‘fake’ or ‘out of date’.

With Jack’s extensive knowledge and ability to implement ideas, Friction will always stay at least one step ahead of the game.

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Highland Training Grounds