Paddy Henchman – Audio

mobile: 07915 937923

Paddy has been the backbone to Friction’s soundtrack for as long as we can remember.

His skill in picking up the minute details shines through in his work, creating custom soundtracks for high flying corporate clients as easily as he can record and replicate some of the cleanest audio you’ve ever heard whilst in the loudest, dirtiest festival scene. Paddy has innate talent when it comes to sound, his skillset ranges through composition, live sound recording, sound design and Foley.

Alongside his enthusiasm for all things aural, he also has an insatiable interest in the visual side of his work, meaning he will take it upon himself to keep all aspects of the set in check, throwing ideas in when they’re most needed and keeping everyone’s enthusiasm high.

One of the nicest guys you’ll ever have the pleasure of working with, Paddy has bags of talent hidden beneath the wry grin that keeps everyone else bouncing along next to him.

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