Bath Carnival 2018 official video

    So, Bath Carnival, what an insane event! Bath has genuinely never had a better party in my 26 years of living in and around that small weird city. It's a place that often stifles its arts and makes it insanely hard for alternate enjoyment to thrive. However, Stoo Mtsn and his amazing, hard working team stick it to the man, year in, year out and put on one helluva show. This year was no exception and it was a proper pleasure to put together this film and document one of the best street parties around. Paddy (ON CAMERA), Josh, Lewis and Fin all grafted on this one and I'm super proud of what came out. Please, for the sake of fucking great parties, sweaty hot summer days and shutting down the center of cities for the happiness of its people, watch, share, like, comment, do all that shit. Tah x

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