Boomtown Festival ‘Theatrical Maze’ Official Film

    For this years Boomtown ‘Chapter Nine’, it was clear they were keen to show a less hedonistic side to their festival and indulge their audience in the mind-blowing, immersive theatre that’s on offer at their spectacular festival near Winchester.
    For this, the Boomtown theatrical team came to Friction Collective to create their theatrical trailer, a piece of film that takes you on a journey through the incredible storyline that threads the festival together. As a punter you’re able to navigate these paths and join opposing sides, fighting to ‘overthrow’ the powers that be and create a free world.
    This storyline mirrors real life and has a strong political message and was something we were totally up for working on.

    Read more about our time at the festival here.


    Director: Jack Davies
    Camera: Josh Williams
    Sound: Patrick Henchman
    DOP: Fin Davies
    Producer: Lewis Smith
    Assistants: Charlie Dillon and Mathew Hayward
    BTS Pics: Josie Judge Hodkinson

    Edited by Jack Davies
    Graded by Fin Davies
    Sound Mix and Audio track by Patrick Henchman Next Previous