Decade. Turn off Your TV Music video

    This project was an interesting story for us. Building a music from a song that was written around the music, and not around the lyrics. We listened deeper and heard an anti-media vibe that felt like a kickback against the CCTV world we live in, where every website we use knows a little about us and every camera is watching. To this effect, we set out to build a video based around the feeling that the band were the influence of the general public. Whenever their phones/iPads/TV’sturned on, the public would be strongly influenced by the screens and that it would twist and break them apart with the ‘slit scan’ effect.

    We also produced a short ‘Behind the Scenes’ video to go along with this project, this video goes into depth on our locations, techniques, tests and generally just having a laugh about what went into creating ‘Turn off your TV’.

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