Music Video: ‘Hawks’ by The Greasy Slicks

    The Greasy Slicks came to us to create the video for their brand new single ‘Hawks’. Our collaborative concept was too have a fast paced video which takes the viewer on a mad journey, time jumping through different scenes as though always on the run from something unseen. We worked closely on the production and creative with Josh Williams who also did an incredible job with editing the transitions from scene to scene. Shot in Bristol, Wales, Severn Beach and Bath we kept the feel as local as possible.
    We had an absolute blast making it with the boys and properly wore them out. As you’ll see from the video, there was a LOT of running for them on this one.


    Josh – Director + Camera Opp + Editor
    Jack – Creative Director + Camera Opp
    Fin – DOP
    Josie – BTS Stills
    Lewis – Production
    Paddy – Sound Design Next Previous