Upfest Official Video 2016

    Upfest was an amazing project for us to work on, being given the freedom to really get creative we were able to produce a video with technical merging transitions, hyperlapses and the sense of the multi-dimension of streets, art and people which the event gives off.


    Upfest wrote:

    Check out our official 2016 video, great memories of our busiest & brightest festival yet! BigUP the Friction Collective for their video skills and all the artists & volunteers who made last summers gathering what it was. – Upfest 2017 // 29th – 31st July // Artist registration opens via our website on the 1st of Feb.


    Jack – Director + Camera Opp

    Josh – Creative Director + Camera Opp + Editor

    Fin – DOP + Hyperlapses

    Paddy – Sound Design

    Lewis – Production

    https://www.frictioncollective.com/videop/decade-brand-new-again-lyric-video/https://www.frictioncollective.com/videop/people-against-poverty-romanian-educational-section/ Next Previous